Online Lessons

We offer online lessons in clicker training, goal setting, and confidence-building for horse and human.

How do online lessons work?

It’s nice and straightforward – you simply book a time with us, let us know how you prefer to chat, and together we discuss what’s going on, where you want to be, and formulate a plan for getting there.

Videos are especially helpful so that we can see exactly what you’re doing. After your first lesson, taking some videos of your training is a great way for us to help you improve.

About chatting with us

We are happy to chat with an instant messaging service, voice call, or video call, depending on what you prefer. We have Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, or Google Hangouts, or of course, telephone!

Chatting with instant messaging on Facebook or WhatsApp seems to be the most popular method. The nice thing about both of these apps is that you can refer back to your chat whenever you need to. We also understand that many people find the phone or video chats difficult, making our lessons ideal.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the addition of something pleasant to increase the likelihood of a behaviour. This means that when your horse gets the right answer, we give them a biscuit! Of course, we will guide you through the process in much more detail than that, but this gives you an idea of the basic principle.

We don’t use pressure and release, we don’t use whips or spurs, and we specialise in bitless bridles. We are more than happy to help you transition from any equipment or other training methods – just ask us if you’re not sure!


You don’t need anything fancy! You’ll need food rewards (we suggest grass or alfalfa nuts, chaff, or hay cobs as your main source of rewards), and a bumbag is pretty handy to keep them in (a pocket will do in a pinch, though!). If you want to use a clicker, that’s great! If you don’t have a clicker but want to get started, you can use your voice with just as much effect.

You’ll need a small enclosed area to work in – temporary fencing like electric fencing is a great way of creating a little training area. This helps us create a safe training space where you and your horse won’t be mugged by others for treats!


30 minute session – £10.00
60 minute session – £20.00

6x 30 minute sessions – £50.00
6x 60 minute sessions – £100.00

Once you have purchased lessons, you can arrange them for any time within one year. We take payment via PayPal.

How to Book

Simply contact us, and we will get you all booked in!