Say NO to BTV!

Your horses welfare should, of course, come first in every situation. Riding BTV (behind the vertical) is not okay! Pulling your ponies head behind the vertical in an effort to create an “outline” is wrong because good self-carriage comes from behind, not in front. Tight rein contact shouldn’t be used at all, bitted, or bitless. 

Rollkur, LDR (low, deep, round) and hyperflexion all take a heavy toll on the horse. They affect the poll, jaw, tongue, bars, breathing, the delicate hyoid bone, swallowing, and musculature, as well as disconnecting the horses natural movement and ability. 

Using tight reins and force will never produce a comfortable, self-driven, happy horse. It will only cause pain, discomfort, and difficulty. Self-carriage has no shortcut, so be kind, and remember that your pony is your friend above everything else. 

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