Time To Rethink Your Cues

A good rider is always looking for ways to improve themselves and understands that communication is incredibly important. 

Here are some top tips for you!

– It’s easy to get into the habit of “nagging” with your leg. Try and break the habit by only using your leg when you are directly asking your pony to do something. 

– Watch your hands when you make an upwards transition. Many people tighten or balance on their reins, which means you are telling your pony to stop and go at the same time. If you want to go forward, that’s the direction you need your hands to go.

– Your bum is more important than your hands or leg, but we often forget to use seat aids! Try riding on the buckle in a safe space, and using only your seat aids. You’ll be impressed with how much you can communicate, I’m sure!

– Teach your pony voice cues starting on the ground, and you’ll find that they translate to the saddle with no problem at all! My ponies know commands such as “block”, which I use to ask them to line up at the mounting block so I can dismount safely.

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