Time to Rethink Your Cues

Cues are important, but do you use them effectively?

Fly Spray = Biscuits!

Spray bottles can be a bit frightening for some ponies. Let’s look at how to help them cope with it better.

How Clicker Training Works

A little explanation on what makes clicker training so effective.

What’s the Difference?

Understanding the learning quadrants – important stuff!

Elmo’s Guide to Rewards

Elmo gives you the lowdown on his favourite foods.

Clicker Training and Moving Forwards

This is a question that comes up frequently – how do you get horses to go forwards with clicker training?

Bits Aren’t Brakes!

What’s yummy and stops ponies? Biscuits!!!

Clicker Training – Target

The most useful tool in your clicker trainer toolbox!

Daily Clicker Ideas

Clicker training isn’t just for cute tricks!