Introducing our Supported Rider! Robbyn-Jane

Hello Everyone! 👋

I’m Robbyn, I’m 23 yrs old and live in West Wales with my Partner James, 2 cats and of course, Clover the shire horse. Supported rider for 2019!
I started off in the saddle young, like most of us do and have always had my own horses. A year ago my blind gypsy cob named Ghost retired and six months later she passed away from age related ill health. She was quite honestly the light of my life and I didn’t know how my world would continue turning after she left my side. My first thought was not to have another horse because of the pain it causes and no other could even begin to compare to her, she was incredibly gentle and trusting, two things prized in a horsey companion. 
The months passed and I just missed riding so much I thought I’d have a look to see what was out there, and that’s how I came across Clover. She was in Scotland, 13hrs drive away. Her pictures showed her being ridden 2 summers ago in a field with long grass and I just thought she looked like she would suit me. At 16.2hh she’s the biggest horse I’ve ridden and being a Shire, she’s as wide as tall! 
Clover arrived relaxed and met her new friend mates but as the first few days passed she began to nip if you touched her belly, back or legs. 
We’ve spent some time in the school doing positive reinforcement training and we’re now at the stage I can get on board with no issue, pick out her hooves and we can halt and back up by voice. This is the start of a long road for the both of us, and we’d love some company.

The Shire and the Blonde

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