Ody meets the mats

Today I went to Halfords to get axle stands for putting peets on, and I left with some foam mats lol. I saw them and was like “yep, I can do stuff with those” so bought them!

Horses see blue and yellow best, so I picked those mats out and Ody immediately went to sniff, poke, pick up with his mouth, and kick at them to see what would get him a treat. He’s so willing to investigate new things! It didn’t take long at all for him to get the idea – I wanted him to put his feet onthem.

When horses have figured out the clicker game, everything becomes fun and they want to engage, but they also pick things up quicker. Don’t be put off if your horse is a bit slow to begin with! Once they understand learning, you’ll be winning!

The other food sources are there and available for him to access if he wants them. He’s also at liberty, so could leave the session at any point. You can see how keen he is to play, even when there’s haylage – a rare treat! What a good boy!

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