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We are searching for a sponsored rider! Could it be you?

We are all about clicker training, kindness, and fun – that’s our motto! Sparkle Pony offers online one-to-one tuition, specialising in clicker training, confidence building, and bitless. We also offer unique digital art, a feed balancer recipe service, and online “camps” for small groups of people!

Our sponsored rider will receive:
– One year of online tuition from Sparkle Pony
– two balancer recipes (summer & winter)
– saddle pad
– t-shirt
– clicker
– a logo
– a pony portrait

In return, you will be:
– posting regular photos and updates about your training
– writing a monthly blog for our website
– helping us spread the word about Sparkle Pony

Does that sound good to you? Of course it does! 😀 We are looking for someone who:
– is bitless (or going bitless)
– uses clicker training (or will switch to clicker training)
– is over 18
– has an active social media presence
– loves to learn
– is super positive, kind, and helpful

You can find the entry form here:


– like/follow Sparkle Pony on Facebook
– follow Sparkle Pony on Instagram (
– fill out the form and return it to
– comment with your favourite picture of you and your pony, and in one sentence let us know why you want to be sponsored by us

Don’t forget to tag your friends to let them know, and sharing this post would be really helpful! <3

Entries must be in by Friday 23/08/19, and there’s only one sponsorship available, so make it count!

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